Carob Warehouse Limassol


Limassol, Cyprus

34.39482, 33.01344


Tekton Technical Office


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It appears that the overall simplicity, both conceptual and technical, of this brutalist structure, might have inspired modernist architect Neoptolemos Michaelides in his design of the Apostle Varnavas and St. Makarios Church in Nicosia in the 1970s. 

Carob mills and warehouses constitute a significant part of the industrial heritage in Cyprus, directly related to trading. In particular, the fact that Limassol has been, and still is, the island’s main port meant that these kinds of buildings were constructed close to the port. Already, some of these had been successfully repurposed for new uses such as light entertainment and cultural events.  This particular building, however, has occasionally been used for its original purpose.

The main characteristic features of the structure are the parabolic form of the basic volume and the centrally placed perpendicular volume housing the lift. The basic storage space is constructed through the utilisation of a number of concrete parabolic vaults that constitute a frame, with infill panels made of prefabricated concrete slabs. The tower containing the lift is constructed out of rough reinforced concrete, giving structural stability to the whole. This structurally highly efficient composite offers the required strength to withhold the horizontal forces of the stored carob paste.

It appears that the overall simplicity, both conceptual and technical, of this brutalist structure, might have inspired modernist architect Neoptolemos Michaelides in his design of the Apostle Varnavas and St. Makarios Church in Nicosia in the 1970s.

Researcher Achilleas Kentonis


1961Carob storage and warehouse

2018 Carob storage and warehouse


1961 Limassol Co-operative Union for the promotion of Carob

2018 Limassol Co-operative Union for the promotion of Carob


1961 Good

2018 Good

Property Management



Form of government

1961 Presidential Republic (Republic of Cyprus)

2018 Presidential Republic (Republic of Cyprus)

Spatial Planning Agency

1961 Ministry of Interior

2018 Ministry of Interior

Type of heritage and protection

1961 Not recognised as heritage

2018 Not recognised as heritage

Interview with Natia Charalambous


Since 1946 the Carob Warehouse Limassol started operating. The warehouse consists of two building, the factory, which was build in 1946-47 and the curved storage built in 1960. The carobs were collected from the provinces of Limassol and producers after the 15 of August until the end of December.

Interview with Costas Georgiou


The engineer was a very clever person to choose this structure for the storage. If the shape of the building was square, they will have to build a very thick and strong wall to hold the pressure of the lateral impulses when the building was filled up with carobs. Instead, if the carobs fill up space naturally it will be parabolic shape as this structure.