NONUMENT! Symposium Ljubljana 2020

In its first two years, the NONUMENT! project has, with the help of partners and associates from Europe and around the world, tackled the research into monuments, buildings and public space in a novel way. Instead of focusing on the initial projects, the focus was moved towards recontextualisations and changes experienced by these spaces over time. Instead of focusing on the intentions of artists and architects who created them, the focus was on the unpredictable new situations the spaces found themselves in. Instead of describing and archiving, the focus was on creating theoretical and artistic interventions in the disappearing heritage. In October 2020, the first NONUMENT! book presenting of the work done in the last two years will be published.

In the months before publishing the first NONUMENT! book, many – still active – public spaces and city centres have been transformed into nonuments. In the past, NONUMENT! was devoted to decaying, destroyed and abandoned monuments, buildings and public spaces of the twentieth century. At the third NONUMENT! Symposium, we will combine these thoughts with new thinking about the possible strategies of thought and intervention in the context of a continually transforming contemporary city. Through case studies of transforming buildings, squares and cities, guests from Ljubljana and abroad will think about the open use of space as a condition of survival.

Online Symposium – 28. 10. 2020 from 14.00 to 21.00 – free registration at





14:10 PANEL 1: Nonument Spaces (chair: Miloš Kosec)

 Elisa Sorrentino: Casa Albero, an architectural experiment. (1967-1971, Fregene, Rome)

Urška Jurman: Community garden Beyond Construction Site in the time of Coronavirus (post)epidemic

Miljena Vučković: Identity Fade Out

Peter Rauch: Guilty Objects

Break 25 min


15:45 PANEL 2: Urban Discontinuity (chair: Nika Grabar)

Blaž Babnik Romaniuk: Hidden in Plain Sight – The Network of Cooperative Centres in Slovenia

Antonia Stanev: The Home as an Antithesis to the Communist City and the Monument: The Preservation of Tradition During Totalitarianism

Adam Knight: Cultural Monuments of GDR History

Helka Dzsacsovszki: The expanding scope of the heritage value of socialist architecture; The case study of the MOM Kultúrház

Break 25 min


17:20 PANEL 3: Public Space in Extremis (chair: Neja Tomšič)

Mollie Brooks: The Landscape as Archive: Public Art and Conflicting Narratives of Past, Present

Andrea Elera: Alto transito: Notes on public space in the midst of traffic

Nika van Berkel: New City Park Model – Revitalisation of the Central Stadium

Antonio Grgić: Monuments as Indicators of 2020 Global Change: Violent Demolition of Political Monuments around the World and COVID-19 Virus Pandemic

Break 25 min


 19:00 NONUMENT! BOOK ROUNDTABLE (chair: Miloš Kosec)

Nika Grabar, Neja Tomšič, Alexei Monroe, Ljubica Slavković, Danica Sretenović


 20:00 KEYNOTE

Branislav Dimitrijevič: “Egypt” rather then “October”: Incongruences in interpreting Yugoslav national-liberation monuments, then and now