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Our methodology

Our research of 20th Century architecture, monuments, public spaces and infrastructural projects is based on a multidisciplinary methodology, combining research texts, photographs, oral histories, 3D scanning and modeling, and creating VR and AR environments.
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3D Scans

Selected nonuments will be 3D scanned, and some will be available as VR environments.


We connect architects, historians, and art historians who conduct research and write texts on Nonuments for the Nonument Database, and in-depth essays on particularly interesting architectures, monuments and public spaces or issues for the Case Studies archive.


Our researchers conduct interviews with members of the community to better understand their relationship to the Nonument in question. The result is an archive of oral histories, a collection of personal anecdotes, stories and memories, which traces the history of the Nonuments. You can find the oral histories archive in the 'interviews' section of each Nonument.


We document the current state of Nonuments and search for archived images to better understand their past. Our researchers take photos on location, and use images available online through Creative Commons licences as well as those in Public Domain.


3D scans of selected Nonuments will be developed into VR & AR experiences and applications by the Nonument Group. Coming soon to the Nonument website!

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