21 & 22 February, City Museum of Ljubljana

Keynote Speakers

Pamela Karimi
Aggregate co-founder & UMass Dartmouth Associate Professor

Michiel van Iersel
Urbanist, curator & Failed Architecture Founder

Alexei Monroe
Cultural theorist, editor & author of Interrogation Machine

Maroje Mrduljaš
Architectural critic, writer & editor of Oris Magazine

Symposium Programme

Wednesday, 21 February

11:00 Introduction


11:30 Nonuments
Part 1:
Slovenia: Miha Žgank
Croatia: Sanja Horvatinčić
Serbia: Vladimir Dulović
Montenegro: Dušan Medin

Part 2:
Austria: Jürgen Weishäupl
Bulgaria: Aneliya Ivanova
Czech Republic: Yvette Vasourkova
Cyprus: Solon Xenopolous

+ Roundtable discussion


14:00 Screening programme
Art of Failure Resonant architecture
Bibio Phantom Brickworks
Saša Ban & Maroje Mrduljaš Concrete Sleepers


16:00 Nonument and MAPS projects overview


16:30 Conflict Architecture
Miloš Kosec Memorials Between Ruination and Evacuation
Rasa Balockaite Heritage Wars in Contemporary Societies
Manca Bajec Questioning Artistic Representations of (post)Conflict Spaces
Roshanak Amini Analisys of Forgotten Structures in Iran


19:00 Keynote Lectures
Michiel van Iersel (Failed Architecture) Shutdown or shut up – a plea for urban appropriation
Pamela Karimi (Aggregate) The Demise and Afterlife of Monuments in the Middle East


20:00 Conclusions & Roundtable Discussion
Moderated by: Nika Grabar

Thursday, 22 February

11:00 Introduction

11:30 Transformations of Public Space
Pelin Bolca Effects of the ideological changes on Urban Memory (Taksim Square)
Uroš Pajović On Spaces of Physculture: (N)Monuments to Prostorno samoupravljanje (New Belgrade)
Jorg Sieweke Transgressing No Trespassing (LA River)

13:00 Re-purposing Architectural Heritage
Katarina Bošnjak Monuments in Sarajevo as creators of ‘place’
Group of AF students, University of Belgrade Kvaka 22 in Belgrade

13:40 Petko Dourmana: Being a Monument
VR app presentation

14:00 Screening programme
Art of Failure Resonant architecture
Bibio Phantom Brickworks
Saša Ban & Maroje Mrduljaš Concrete Sleepers

16:00 Community engagement in preserving architectural heritage
Kaja Širok Places of Memory between Collective Remembering and Private Memories
Kailey Rocker Re-claiming the Pyramid (Tirana, Albania)
Lisa Moren Nonument 01::The McKeldin Fountain (Baltimore, USA)
Anel Moldakhmetova Archcode (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

18:00 Keynote Lectures
Alexei Monroe Brutalism 2k18: What the F*** is Going on?
Maroje Mrduljaš Post-socialist Landscapes: Case Study Split

20:00 Conclusions & Roundtable Discussion
Moderated by: Nika Grabar

NONUMENT 01::The McKeldin Fountain

Temporary Exhibition

20-28 February 2018, City Museum of Ljubljana

The McKeldin Fountain in the centre of Baltimore was the backdrop for the first international art intervention by the NONUMENT Group. The Fountain, which more closely resembled a park, was designated by the city as an area promoting freedom of speech. Numerous demonstrations and rallies took place there, including ones by movements such as Occupy Baltimore and Black Lives Matter, after the death of Freddie Gray.

The fountain is also one of the rare few examples of architectural brutalism in the USA. Its original name was The Waterfall, since one of its primary architectural elements was water. It was designed to connect the Port with the city centre, which is burdened by heavy traffic. The McKeldin Fountain was demolished between November 2016 and January 2017.

The NONUMENT Group documented the citizens’ testimonies and created the NONUMENT01:: The McKeldin Fountain AR app, a virtual memorial to the demolished fountain.

The exhibition will present the story of the McKeldin fountain, and the participants of the symposium will have the opportunity to try out the app before its official release!

Nonument 01 is an international project created by artists Lisa Moren, Jaimes Mayhew, Neja Tomšič, Martin Bricelj Baraga and collaborators.

Exhibition opening:

Tuesday, 20 February 2018 at 19:00 at the City Museum of Ljubljana


Accompanying Programme

Virtual Memorial in Public Space

A virtual memorial to McKeldin Fountain at the Republic Square in Ljubljana

Guided tours & AR app showcase:
Wednesday, 21 February at 15:00
Thursday, 22 February at 15:00
Saturday, 24 February at 12:00

The public art project, NONUMENT 01::McKeldin Fountain is Baltimore’s first public monument presented in augmented reality. The story of McKeldin Fountain is an example of the escalating privatization of public spaces world-wide, a trend that continues to diminish access to full participation for ordinary people in everyday urban life.

When viewers hold up a tablet or smartphone like a protest sign, they reveal a full-scale, 3D architecturally correct model of the controversial half-acre McKeldin Fountain that boasted 18 waterfalls in the Brutalist-style and was demolished in January 2017.

Viewers are introduced to the site through an audio tour and may wander the 18 animated waterways, including the infamous double waterfall. Sprinkled throughout the site are ‘memory artifacts’ guiding the viewer through a game-like experience. Whisper chambers and artifacts trigger ordinary and extraordinary Baltimore heroes who adorn the app with a multi-media world reminiscing on everyday urban experiences from the site including protests such as Occupy Baltimore and Freddie Gray; women’s trans picnics; an anime conference; rappers, a former Baltimore mayor; kids swimming in the fountain; and the first-hand memory of an arrest.

1. Open the NONUMENT 01 app on an iPhone 6 or later, or use the tablet provided by the organizers.
2. Put on headphones.
3. To bring back the fountain at anytime, tap on a protest sign lying flat on the ground, or use the menu.
4. Hold your device like the protest sign, and walk around the half-acre fountain.
5. Tap on hidden “memory objects”.
6. If you loose the memory of the fountain, bring back the fountain through the menu.

Lisa Moren, Jaimes Mayhew, Martin Bricelj Baraga and Neja Tomšič, NONUMENT founders, along with programming and development team Balti-Virtual. Music by Erik Spangler with “Whisper Chambers” by JMoney fur; 3D models by Ben Shaffer, Ryan Zuber, IRC at UMBC and Look on Media.

Screening Programme

Videos and documentary films projections

Screening programme at the City Museum of Ljubljana:
Wednesday, 21 February at 14:00
Thursday, 22 February at 14:00

Art of Failure: Resonant Architecture
Video documentaries about architectural spaces set into vibration

Since 2006, the Art of Failure collective has been creating a series of experiences that create a heightened perception of architecture by setting unusual buildings vibrating. The materials and structures activated by infra-bass vibrations reveal resonance frequencies and the physicality and acoustic qualities of the buildings chosen. A multimedia mechanism that involves sound, visuals and architecture, Resonant Architecture establishes a dialogue between architecture, the spatial components and geographical context.

Bibio: Phantom Brickworks
Collection of videos, accompanying Bibio’s eponymous album

Exploring themes of landscape, time and place, this meditative video collection was shot and edited by the artist to a bespoke soundtrack built around his Phantom Brickworks album, which was released in 2017 on Warp Records. “I don’t believe in ghosts but I do believe places can be haunted by meaning. Places change, not always for the better and not always by natural, benevolent or politically sound means. A place can be charged with atmosphere because of what it has been through or what it has been.” – Bibio

Saša Ban & Maroje Mrduljaš: Concrete Sleepers
Documentary series on Modernist ruins in Croatia

The award-winning documentary series on deserted and ruinous objects in Croatia and their importance for the history of Yugoslav modernist architecture by architectural critic Maroje Mrduljaš and director Saša Ban.

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