Nonument! Mapping & Archiving Public Spaces


Nonument: Mapping and Archiving Public Space is a two day symposium addressing questions of public space in Eastern and Central Europe, as well as the US and the Middle East. Non-transparent approaches to space and fast and radical interventions to city plans, are traits of intense diminishing of public space. The latter also poses questions on specifics of architectural heritage and heritage in general.







is an ongoing research project, addressing non­-existing monuments and mapping the positioning of memory in spaces carrying symbolic value to physical, mental and virtual landscapes. It consists of artistic productions and research aiming at defining the role of monuments today and the ways in which societies mark important time and space landmarks and personalities, thus inscribing them into collective urban landscapes. The research and artistic production addresses questions of memory, representation, semantics and other aspects of monumentalism, as well as attempts to publicly address the perception of public space and its role in contemporary urban everyday life.





Nonument is part of the MAPS – Mapping and Archiving Public Spaces Project. MAPS’ mission is to share the multidisciplinary methodology to map & archive public spaces and create an inclusive open source ever-growing archive and map of nonuments with community engagement.



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